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Jackson Hinkle, US news commentator and Goodwill Ambassador,the United States.

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미국의 뉴스해설가이자 친선대사인 잭슨 힝클씨가 그의 영국인 친구를 통해 북한 최고지도자인 김정은 국무워원장과의 만남을 신청한 소식이 들려왔다. 그의 영국인 친구인 존 마핀(John Mappin)씨는 영국에서 국제 투자관련 비지니스를 해오고 있으며 콘웰 지역에  호텔을 운영하고 있는 사업가로  지난 미국의 대통령 선거 당시 박필립 편집장과 트럼프 후보 관련 인터뷰를 갖은바 있다.

2017년 트럼프 대통령 당선시 가장 먼저 개인자격으로 초청받은 존 마핀씨는 한반도 통일 문제와 관련해김대중 대통령의 햇빛 정책을 적극 지지해오고 있으며 북한 투자 전문가로 활동하고 있다. 젝슨 힝클 친선 대사의 북한 최고지도자에게 보내는 편지 전문을 싣는다. -굳모닝런던편집부-


Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un

Your Excellency, I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Jackson Hinkle, a popular US-based news commentator and Goodwill Ambassador from the United States. It is with great humility and sincerity that I write to you today, seeking an opportunity to meet in person to discuss the positive progress of US-DPRK relations in our joint effort to bring a lasting peace between our countries.



The world is constantly changing, and our countries have experienced ups and downs in our relations. However, amidst these challenges, it is essential that we never lose sight of the potential for positive progress and peaceful coexistence. As a Goodwill Ambassador, I am committed to the pursuit of diplomacy and dialogue, recognizing the immense value of engaging in open communication during times of tension. Under the Presidency of Donald Trump, both the United States and Democratic People's Republic of Korea undertook significant steps towards understanding each other's perspectives and building a foundation for peaceful coexistence. The world witnessed notable diplomatic efforts, aimed at fostering an environment conducive to dialogue and cooperation.


In light of these positive developments, I am writing to request the esteemed honor of an in-person meeting with you, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, at a mutually convenient time and place in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Such a meeting would provide an invaluable opportunity to discuss the progress made, address any concerns, and explore further

avenues of collaboration for the betterment of our nations and the wider global community. Your Excellency, I kindly request your consideration of this meeting proposal, understanding that our engagement is not without challenges, but it is precisely during these times that the importance of dialogue becomes most evident. Together, we can work towards finding common ground and laying the foundation for a brighter future for both our nations. With utmost respect and anticipation, I await your response. May this letter mark the beginning of a new chapter in our countries' relationship, one founded on understanding, peace, and cooperation.

Thank vou for your time and consideration.



Jackson Hinkle


Goodwill Ambassador from the United States






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