Squid game and the Ferry Sewol

The secret of Squid Game

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The secret of Squid Game

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The whole world is fascinated by a movie produced in Korea. According to Netflix statistics, by the 17th of last month, 110 million households around the world watched it.It is the highest viewing record ever on Netflix. Even if calculated with an average of 4 people per household,  with more than 400 million viewers watching. Including those who watched in countries such as China, where Netflix is not officially allowed to join, it will be accounted for more than 10% of the world's population who watched the 'Squid game'.

Netflix's Squid Game has secured the highest cost-effectiveness of a total $21.4 million production cost, less than $25 million per episode of Disney Plus Marvel series Wanda Vision 2021) or  The Falcon and the Winter Soldier(2021).

The "squid game," which takes place for $38 million (45 billion won), is a terrible amount compared to the game money that takes place in other Blockbuster movies. The large or small amount of prize money in this movie is completely out of interest in digging into the secrets of the movie.

"Squid Game" destroyed the movie format.

With the beginning of the 21st century, the film industry had to face great difficulties. This is because more tremendous events happened than in the movie. The September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001 were broadcast in real-time like sports events, and the 2003 Iraq War, which began as a terrorist attack, was also broadcast live like WorldCup. In order for the movie to survive in a real situation where more formidable events than the movie broke out, it had no choice but to invest more than the existing production cost.

It is natural that the U.S., which has large capital, is centered on soaring production costs of world-renowned box office hits.

How genius  "Squid game" filmed by Korea

In 2014, there was one huge tragic accident in Korea. Whoever even though you are not Korean watched this may not forget it forever.

It was broadcast live around the world that more than 300 young students in the sea of only 20 meters were dying without being rescued. The children who were trapped in ships deep enough to be saved without wearing diving equipment became drowned.

People who watched this situation in real-time like sports broadcasts could not avoid mental collapse.

The secret of this tremendous tragedy is treated as a top-secret that cannot be revealed until now.

So far, the only solution to top secrets approached in movies has been an individual conspiracy, small groups, and incident approaches centered on protagonists, and the enforced spectacular activities (such as car scenes, large explosions, large-scale computer graphics, etc.). Highly artistic works were also mainly composed of works depicting characters around him, focusing on individuals. In order to create a work that focuses on numerous main characters, such as the Squid Game, it could not be captured in the framework of existing movies.

Elementary School Mathematics Solving Higher-order Equations

Dozens of main characters, stories, challenges and failures in life, and people around them... It is a high-order equation that is not easy to solve even high-performance artificial intelligence computers to portray the conflicting values and worldviews. It is the "Squid game" that solves these high-level problems. 'Squid game' has converted a high-order equation into simple math even elementary school students can solve.

These days, the trend of movies is to force the audience to pay attention (through fancy chase scenes, tremendous explosions, sex scenes, etc.) to attract them into the movie so that they cannot understand the story development if they miss it for a moment. In addition, prior knowledge of the scientific technique appearing in each scene is essential to enjoy the movie properly.

The "squid game," not the infinitely high-order equations, suggests an approach that elementary school students can solve while making noise around them. Those are through the extremely simple games that appeared in this movie.

Even audiences who are new to such games do not need much formula to understand the rules of the game. There is no need for prior knowledge. Once you listen to it, anyone can participate in the game. Through that simple games, the values and worldviews of countless protagonists are drawn so naturally. The game does not force complicated conspiracy or betrayal.

The audience falls into the simple game without realizing it. It is the movie that tingled the back of the heads of modern humans whose complexity has become habitual to solve problems. 

The Squid game did not hit the audience's head but peeled off their coats, who had praised it as a well-made movie only when the back of the head was tingled.

On April 16, 2014, about 476 people boarded the 'Ferry Sewol.' The number of participants in the 'Squid game' was 456. There was even no 'S' sound in the 'Squid game.'

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