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South Korea and Japan seen through G7

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South Korea and Japan seen through G7 

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 South Korean President Moon Jae-in (left) Boris Johnson (center) and US President Joe Biden (right) 



The meeting of the leaders of the world's seven most advanced countries was held on the coast of Cornwell, southwestern England, for two nights and three days from 11 to 13 June 2021. 


The 47th, G7 was attended by several countries, including South Korea, at the invitation of the host country Britain. 

G7, which has no agenda and of course no voting rights like the United Nations, is a gathering place for the heads of successful countries to socialize, attracting global attention that these countries have nearly 50% of the world's economic power. 


The reason why representatives of developed countries with couples gather in a nice place to take pictures and eat is also recorded in history is because diplomacy follows the meeting of these leaders.


Even if there is no special agenda in advance, the 47th G7's common interest in these countries is of course the coronavirus-19, which is sweeping the world. The climate around the world is also a major challenge for these groups to get together and discuss. The Tokyo Olympics, which is just a month away, is also a requirement for discussion. 


The diplomatic issue between individual countries was the issue between the parties, and the G7 was the one in which the Republic of Korea stood out when it came to common topics. In comparison, Japan's attention was relatively little revealed. 


In Google, the Japanese Prime Minister in the relevant photo of the G7 is fewer than South Korea's president Mr. Moon Jae In. This is the one case of 2021 G7's history photos.

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