Never been mentioned One Secret the Low Coronavirus Infection in Korea

Korean Ondol

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Never been mentioned one secret the Low Corona Virus Infection in Korea


The second wave of coronavirus came in.

Many experts around the world and most media have made respective analyses of Korea's low rate of coronavirus.

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But there is one point they have not even mentioned so far.

That is the Korean residential culture.


Most of all Koreans also use beds. But their homes use a different heating system than in Europe or other countries. 

The Ondol is a special heating system that only Korea has in the East. 



It is five thousand years-old the method of the entire floor heating system (the Korean government is registering Korea's Ondol as a cultural heritage of humanity on UNESCO). Recently, many new luxury European houses have also been equipped with the Ondol heating system.

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Therefore, Koreans do not use carpets on their floors. Even if they use beds, they feel the warmth of the floor in the winter, and in the summer, they live on the cold floor. Due to this residential culture, Koreans who live in Europe or the United States shoe off in most of their homes. Because the floor should not be dirty.

On the other hand, European and the American live in their rooms with their shoes on. 


Coronavirus survival is over three hours at room temperature (the reason why walking behind a person who is exercising is dangerous) and 24 hours on cardboard materials(the reason why the coronavirus spreads by courier)  and 2-3 days on plastic and stainless surfaces (the reason why it is infected by other people's cell phones or cup handles). However, there are no studies yet on the survival period of the coronavirus stuck to fibers or carpets.

That may be why the related references to Korean floor culture and Western carpet culture have not yet been mentioned.


 But if we infer from the survival period of the Coronavirus, it will survive several days past the timeframe on carpets. 

As soon as the Coronavirus buried on the bottom of the shoe is transferred to the floor carpet, the entire family is exposed to infection.

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