Why I insist on getting rid of the new bridge of Tintagel Castle.

English people's lacks imagination

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King Arthur


short-cut hair

a broad, sloping forehead

slender sharp eyes

a dot, the size of a coin, under the left eye

a sharp nose like a hook

long philtrum and slender lips

a slightly open mouth as if it were the moment to issue a firm order.

Long jaws and skinny cheeks.

It's a typical soldier's face.

His tall would be over 180 centimeters in appearance.


I saw it at the Camelot Hotel just across from Tintagel Castle.

Whenever a valued guest comes from abroad, this place is guided to the first scene in England.


There has been a new bridge over the Tintagel Castle.

It's like King Arthur's face is covered with an iron mask.

It is enough to show the typicality of English people, which lacks imagination.


King Arthur, who has become the most popular theme the film industry, disappeared.

Manmade places are also attracting tourists from around the world. But the British did not find King Arthur's face which can be enough to become a world tour product.

Instead, they spent millions of pounds putting an iron mask on King Arthur's face.


  © GoodMorningLonDon


The bridge must be demolished, however costly it may be.

If some cost is invested in promoting King Arthur's face, the economic effect will be hundreds or thousands of times greater than the cost of bridge construction and demolition.

Not only for the British spirit, but also for the legends of the world.

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